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Golden Retriever


Whether you have a pampered pooch or a working dog, a feline friend or a feathered one, we have the full range of pet supplies available including all types of pet foods, treatments for ticks, fleas and worms, leads, collars, food dishes, toys and more.  If your dog, cat, horse, chickens or whatever deserves the best, come and see us.

For your furry and feathered friends...

If you're not sure if we've got what you need, give us a call - we're happy to help!

Pet and Livestock Treatments

You always want to make sure that your pet has all the help it needs to stay happy and healthy.  Come and see us for a full range of flea, tick and worm treatments as well as health supplements and plenty more for all your pets and livestock.

Pet Food

All your pet food supplies, including Purina Supercoat, Pedigree dog foods, Bonnie and more. 

Other pet items

From a bed to keep your pet comfy and warm at night, to feeders, waterers, leads, scratching posts and more - come and see all we have to offer.  

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